The beginning stages of gum disease can oftentimes be overlooked. Many patients have gum disease without even realizing it. Swollen, red gums are a common sign of gingivitis – the first stage of gum disease. Gum disease is a serious infection that can affect both the gums and the teeth. Gum disease begins when bacteria form in the pockets around the teeth. As more bacteria builds, the gums begin to pull away from the teeth. Gum disease left untreated can lead to bleeding gums, loose teeth and even tooth loss. The best way to catch gum disease early is regularly scheduling dental check-ups. By allowing your dentist to examine your smile every six months, you can be informed of any warning signs of decay or infection. If you have concerns about gum disease in Annville, PA, give us a call. Our team can evaluate your smile and give the dental care that you need!

Scaling & Root Planing

If you have gum disease, scaling and root planing may be recommended. Scaling and root planing is a treatment that cleans the pockets around the teeth to remove bacteria and save your smile from extensive damage. Scaling and root planing can help restore the gums and save your teeth. This treatment can reverse the signs of gum disease and give you back your smile! For many patients, this is a surgery-free option that can keep them healthy. Once gum disease progresses to more serious levels, scaling and root planing will need to be used in conjunction with surgery options. 


Gum recession and gaps in between teeth can be caused by frenul pull. Frenul pull occurs when the frenulum (a tissue that holds or connects an area in the mouth such as the tongue or lip) is too tight, short or thick. When this happens, a frenectomy may be recommended to fix the problem. A frenectomy is a simple surgery that is used to address a problem such as a gap in your smile or being tongue-tied by simply severing the connective tissue, thus freeing the tongue or lip. This treatment typically takes just 15 minutes or less and causes little discomfort.

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