Our Health and Safety Protocols

Dentist in Annville

A top priority of our dental team has always been to preserve and protect your health and safety. As always, we continue to follow all guidelines set forth by OSHA and the ADA in order to provide a clean, safe environment in which to protect your health, both oral and otherwise. 

Some of our key precautionary measures include: 

Hand Hygiene and Pre-Screening
Proper handwashing is one of the most important measures our team takes to prevent the spread of infection. For routine dental exams and nonsurgical procedures, we wash thoroughly with water and hand soap upon entering and leaving each treatment room, and ask our patients to wash as well. Both staff and patients are pre-screened for Covid-19 symptoms, prior to entering the practice. 

Personal Protective Equipment
We possess and use all necessary protective equipment, including face masks, gloves, protective shields, and protective clothing. Our protocols involving Personal Protective Equipment are designed to protect everyone in our practice, both patients and staff, from exposure to infectious agents. 

Sterilization and Disinfection of Patient-Care Items and Devices
We clean and sterilize all instruments and equipment between each patient. We thoroughly disinfect all areas and items in our treatment rooms after each patient, using the most effective disinfectant available on the market. 

Air Purification
Our office’s air is sent through a UV sterilization procedure to cleanse it of unwanted bacteria and viruses. Oral health is a crucial component to your overall wellbeing, and that includes the air you breathe. Air Purifiers are also stationed and running in each treatment room. 

Regular Sanitation
Common touchpoints, including seating, workspaces, door handles, railings, and restrooms are sanitized on a regular basis by our team with effective cleaning solutions certified to kill viruses. 

Thank you for your continued trust and confidence in our team. We look forward to taking care of you at your next appointment and wish you and your family the very best.